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"Will you marry me?"... "Yes!", Now What?!

So that magical moment finally happened.

You said "YES!" and suddenly the reality of months upon months of wedding planning sets in.

Don't panic!

Remember you don't have to do this alone. Just like it takes two to tango, it takes two to plan a wedding. Sure it's easy to get caught up on some of the less exciting details of table linens and chargers but reel your groom-to-be back in by including him in more fun tasks like menu and cake tastings. What is more fun than free food? FREE DESSERTS! Whether its an assorted fruit and cheese tray or a doughnut cake remember to lighten up stressful planning by enjoying the process.

If you're planning a wedding together, odds are you've already been to events with each other and know what you do and don't like. If this is the case, have a discussion about things you'd like to include in your big day. What did he find meaningful? What do you both remember enjoying? An easy way to do this is to have a list of more relaxed and humorous wedding poses you'd like. Instead of all your pictures being static portraits, excite your groom by highlighting his humorous personality.

Remember an included groom is a happy groom. This is one of the most special moments in your lives, don't get overly focused on the small things. In the end all you and your soon to be hubby will have are memories of countless hours dancing and laughing with family and friends and beautiful pictures showcasing pure joy and happiness.

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