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Our Mission

We can't express how important it is to document your days . Life moves fast , kids grow up and life is ever changing . Your photographs are the way you get to come back to those moments and enjoy them all over again. They are how you leave your mark on the world for future generations to come. Because we know just how monumental these moments are , we take extra special care in photographing you and your family. In short, your pictures matter to us and YOUR STORY matters to us. We promise to treat your engagement, wedding  and family milestones with the highest level of care and importance because you're family now. 

 Lead Photographer 

the better half

Family-27 copy.jpg

Hi, I'm Stormy Rae . I'm a wife, mama , artist, hobbyist farmer, equestrian and entrepreneur.

 I studied art with a focus on film photography, I consider my self to be a hybrid photographer I shoot both film and digital. I believe in creating timeless heirlooms that will be treasured for a lifetime. I use my artistic creativity in my portraits to create either bright and airy or rich and emotional images. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, watching the Golden Girls and unwinding with a good novel and a chai tea latte. 

Stormy Rae Mendez

Assisting Photographer 

The Best Second

Hey, my name is Jose but my friends call me Joey. I am a dad, gamer and Pokémon enthusiast. I love to make people laugh and will frequently crack jokes throughout the session to get everyone feeling comfortable and having a good time. I like to think of myself as the technical guy behind the Camera Crew and do lots of behind the scenes work on the website design, editing and keeping up with the newest photography gear. My favorite thing about being a photographer is all the different people I get to meet through our work. If I'm not photographing I am assisting my wife in pursing her dreams or playing video games with my friends.    

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Jose Luis Mendez

Things We Love

Mexican Food

Our Pets (Cat, Dog, Toddler)


Book Stores


Video Games


Board Games

Disney Parks

Game Of Thrones

"Every Love Story is Beautiful, but ours is our favorite"


Our story began twenty four years ago and it is going to sound like something straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. We actually  have been best friends since first grade. We lived across the street from each other and we spent countless hours together. We rode bikes, played Pokemon cards and sold lemonade from a stand on hot summer days. We even managed to remain friends throughout the "cootie stage" of  our adolescence. Our friendship continued over the years and as the cooties faded away we became teens and dated here and there throughout high school .Although we were passionate about each other we were  inexperienced in life , and parted ways to grow into adults. I traveled the states serving in AmeriCorps and he graduated college. Our lives crossed paths again when his mother fell very ill with cancer. She and I were very close, she was my second mom . I lost track of how many times she would tell us that we would get married and have children one day. Apparently she knew something we didn't know . Once we saw each other again after quite a bit of time had passed , we instantly were back to the old days only this time we were older, wiser and deeply in love. We said our vows the day after Christmas at the courthouse downtown. It was simple and sweet , nothing fancy because we just couldn't wait another second  to be married. We soon after decided to start a family and were blessed with a beautiful baby girl named Lily Bay  in spring of 2016, she is our world . Our love story is truly unique and it  is what has lead us to wedding photography. One of our favorite things about photographing weddings together is deepens our love for one another and reminds us to enjoy the little moments in life, to play and celebrate our love story every day of our lives. We began our photography business as a way to touch the lives of others through our art. To beautifully tell your love story in a way that showcases who you are as a couple.

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