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You Are My Cup of Tea

Arlene & Scott's intimate wedding was quite a treat. The Empress Tea Room & Bistro exuded victorian elegance and old world charm, walls beautifully adorned with vintage artwork, tea kettles and shimmering chandeliers. Photographing weddings has such a profoundly deep meaning and purpose to us. There is nothing we enjoy more than being a part of such a joyous and beautiful union.

I don't think I've ever laughed as hard as I did while I was photographing this couple and their family. The couple came up with interesting club poses and prom like group shots (silly enough to grab the attention of their older children). Remembering to have fun at your wedding is very important and both Arlene & Scott had no problem doing so while also throwing a fantastic party!

The Empress Tea room offered guests a beautiful display of delicious freshly brewed teas.

Sincerest congratulations to Mr. and Mrs.Tyler. May this new journey together bring you unparalleled happiness and all the love and rainbows this life has to offer. It was our honor to capture the beginning of a lovely new chapter in your lives.

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