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Engagement Session Perks

So you just got engaged and think you have the perfect photograph to capture the moment you said "Yes". Engagement sessions are not solely for the purpose of documenting your engagement. The Camera Crew believes engagement sessions prepare a couple in many beneficial ways.

The Camera Crew - Engagement Photos - Tampa FL

Although it seems like an easy task to pose and take pictures with the one you love, it's actually a little intimidating. More than likely your pictures will be taken at a public place, there may be spectators and the pressure of the moment may take over but don't worry! That's why we're here! Our trusted photographers are experts at easing nerves and directing couples in order to capture the perfect moment.

The Camera Crew - Engagement Photos - Tampa FL
The Camera Crew - Engagement Photos - Tampa FL

Whether it be a relaxed picnic on the beach or sharing your favorite cup of coffee together, there is no setting off limits for an engagement session. These photoshoots are all about acclimating you and your fiance to become more comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. The best photographs happen when you trust the person behind the lens to nab the photo that best symbolizes your love for each other.

The Camera Crew - Engagement Photos - Tampa FL

Because we value engagement sessions so highly, our wedding packages include this essential photo shoot. We guarantee by the time your session is over you will be more prepared and ready for the onslaught of pictures taken on your wedding day. With our knowledge and your classic love story, we already know your photographs will be timelessly beautiful.

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