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How to include your groom in the wedding planning process

Looking for fun ways to get your guy excited about the wedding planning process? -Que the eye roll right ? Most guys may *seem* as though the only thing they care about is showing up and marrying the love of their lives ( and rush off to the reception), but we are here to tell you that the guys want a say too , they just probably dont realize that there are lost of ways to be included. So , we have created a list of ideas that will surely help take some stress off of the you (the bride) and include your groom's unique personality on your wedding day.

1. Have him meet Vendors

2. Special Gifts on your wedding day (Special Socks, jewelry, cologne )

Wedding day gifts are something you should definitely splurge on . Its such a special day , and half of it you are spent apart in your getting ready why not say " hey im thinking of you and so excited to meet you at the altar, here is a nice bottle of cologne , some embroidered socks, a special piece of jewelry) . You may even have family heirlooms that would make a most meaningful wedding day gift for your spouse.

3. Exchange heartfelt cards pre-ceremony

4.) Have a first look

5) Let him Pick his favorite parts of the day and allow him to have creative liberty

6) Ask his opinion on what he doesnt want at the wedding ( he may not care about wedding colors, but he may have an opionion about your first dance song )

7) Be sure to hire 2 photographers , so that the second phtogorapher can focus on the guys

8) Allow his personality to show, maybe include a groom cake at the reception

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