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Kaira's Fairy First Birthday

Kaira Celebrated her first Birthday this past weekend , we loved every moment of her enchanted fairy party. We have known Kai's parents for a great many years, as a fact Jose and Kaira's dad grew up together as very close friends. Karia's extremely creative mom is none other than our preferred vendor and owner of Cintron Studios. She does all of our graphic design work for the Camera Crew and our clients. So this party and milestone for Kaira was extra special for us , and we were so elated to capture all the moments of her party. Including her going face first into her smash cake (he-he). Kaira is a passionate girl who knows what she wants in life, she is determined and full of energy!

Kaira may you always hold that fiery passion in your heart and chase your dreams. We are so excited to watch you grow.

Happy First Birthday Kai!


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