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15 Small ways to save BIG on your Wedding

Most of us have been dreaming about what our wedding day would look like , since we were little girls . We envisioned flowy , long beautiful white dresses, boquets of flowers and all the glitz and glam. One thing we didnt think about was who would pay for all the things ( of course we didnt think of that , we were like 5 lol)

We have gathered all the tips for keeping your wedding day high class , while staying thrifty.

1) Be realistic about your budget - sit down with your fiance and come up with a realistic budget of what you can afford for your wedding.

2) Book a new venue or an out of season date to save money

3) Cash Bar

4) Ask Vendors about special discounts or promotions

5) Rent your Wedding dress or Shop consignment

6) Skip the wedding favors

7) Incorporate silk flowers

8) Resale unused items from the wedding

9) Create a honeymoon fund

10) Stay at the Venue overnight

11) Shop sales at Michales, Joann Fabrics during sales and use coupons !

12) Avoid last minute purchases by creating a day before check list of all the things you will need

13.Consider a beach wedding , generally speaking they are simple and more affordable. Plus have you seen how gorgeous our sunsets are !?

14) Stick to your timeline ( avoid overage charges from vendors)

15) Skip the wedding cake, opt in for pastries like cupcakes, donuts or other deserts. ( If a cake isnt your thing , there are so many other sweets you can serve at your wedding)

There's lots of ways to save big on your special day, it just takes a little tact and determination , but you got this! There's nothing wrong with a thrifty DIY-bride and pinching pennies for your wedding doesn't have to leave you feeling that you went without. At the end of the day , what matters most is you had an amazing time and have memories to look back on .

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