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Fun with Flat-Lays

Let's have some fun with Flay-Lay's !

What are Flat-Lay's you may ask.. they are your wedding day details , carefully laid out and photographed ( Typically from an above angle )

We always tell our couples to bring us as many details as possible ( Jewlery, special heirlooms , an invitation suite, cologne or perfume etc)

All the little details of your day captured and remembered ( because lets be honest , the wedding day goes by in a blurr and you want those memories to come happily flooding back when you get your wedding photos)

*Fun fact. Detail shots are my FAVORITE , I could happily photograph them all day which is why I love my time in the bridal suite.

When do we have a moment to do these falt lays during a busy wedding day? Ususally durring the "getting ready" portion of the day. This is why we really encourage couple's to select an all day wedding package , so no detail is spared and you can relax knowing there will be plenty of time to capture each little detail.

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