My best friend is getting married!

From the very first moment I met her , Alli was this peppy , hilarious girl with such a fun energy. We instantly became besties! We did all the crazy things teenage best friends do together, and there really isn't a memory of my teenage years that doesn't include her and our horses. We first met when I brought my horse to the barn she kept her horse at , and we quickly became inseparable. We snuck out of the house together, stayed on the phone till the other one fell asleep , we rode our horses all over the city and swore to be best friends forever . We talked about our future and our dreams , but neither of us really knew where we were headed in life . We had some of the most fun times of or lives and for that I am so deeply grateful for having an amazing best friend. Alli has been more of a sister to me , and I am so extremely excited that she is getting married!!!!

This Engagement session meant the world to me , because our friendship runs so deep. Photographing her and her fiancé Austin was such a great time. As a friend, I wish nothing but the best for Allison and she has certainly found that in Austin. He is the calm to her crazy , he makes her smile in a way that I've never seen, he really brings out the best in her . The connection these two have is beyond what could be explained , but I feel I certainly captured the love between them.

I really wanted to highlight their relationship , and they are just a really cool couple of Floridians who enjoy the outdoors and breweries. So we hit the shops along Saftey Harbor and ended the night enjoying a craft beer together to celebrate.

Austin , you certainly will have your hands full with this girl , but Alli will always bring so much excitement and fun into your life. Take care of my best friend , she's the only one I got ! In all seriousness , you two are going to do great together and from the bottom of my heart I wish you all the happiness and joy that this life has to offer. Always fight for your marriage and never give up on one another. Enjoy the good times and stay strong during the hard times. Always tell each other "I love you" and never take anything for granted. Explore, laugh and have fun is short!

I send you both all of my love , and can't wait for your wedding day. No one take photos of me because Im going to be ugly crying behind my camera

. Love you Allisawn!!

Congratulations to the soon to be Mr. & Mrs Timmons !

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