My best friend is getting married!

Engagement Photos

From the very first moment I met her , Alli was this peppy , hilarious girl with such a fun energy. We instantly became besties! We did all the crazy things teenage best friends do together, and there really isn't a memory of my teenage years that doesn't include her and our horses. We first met when I brought my horse to the barn she kept her horse at , and we quickly became inseparable. We snuck out of the house together, stayed on the phone till the other one fell asleep , we rode our horses all over the city and swore to be best friends forever . We talked about our future and our dreams , but neither of us really knew where we were headed in life . We had some of the most fun times of or lives and for that I am so deeply grateful for having an amazing best friend. Alli has been more of a sister to me , and I am so extremely excited that she is getting married!!!!