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The Best Networking Opportunity

When starting out as a new photographer it can be difficult to find people to photograph , other than family members and random objects around your house you may find yourself looking for new subjects. At first photographers often feel awkward behind their camera and un sure of how to direct their subjects on poses. Model meet ups are an ideal way to gain more experience as a photographer , and if you are a model it is a good way to collaborate for portfolio photos. This invaluable experience gives you the ability to be creative and learn how to operate your camera in a variety of situations. One of the best things you can do as an aspiring photographer is to network with other seasoned photographers and professionals in the industry. These professionals have experience not only behind their camera, but in how to grow a successful business. Each photographer brings to the table a new skill set , and knowledge that together creates a network of photographer friends who you can ask questions and bounce ideas off of.

The benefits of photographer and model meet ups are really limitless .The opportunity to work with professional models gives you confidence in your ability to work with clients. As a photographer sometimes we have artistic ideas that we want to share with the world, and have a very specific vision for a project. Models provide the aesthetic quality and experience to make these artistic ideas come to life. At these meet ups or photo walks there is no pressure or rush to create anything specific, so use this as a creative platform to work on any weaknesses as a photographer and step out of your comfort zone. One thing meet ups have helped me with is on the spot creativity. I usually plan out set ups ahead of time , but doing photo walks forces you to think critically in the moment and create beautiful unplanned photos.

There are many ways meet ups benefit models and other professionals.

Models greatly benefit from working with a variety of photographers who all have a unique vision and ideas. The models will gain experience posing in front of the camera and will be compensated by receiving the images from photographers that build their modeling portfolio. Models are also introduced to an array of professionals who will then spread the model's work through out social media , gaining recognition for the model from the local community.

Even Hair and Makeup artist benefit from collaborating in these meet ups. The artists get the opportunity to explore different makeup types and styles . This gives the MUA (make up artist) the ability to use images from the shoot in his/her portfolio and gives the artist credit on social media spreading the word of their skills and business.

Collaboration is always a benefit for all those who are involved. You get what you put into these events and if you use them as networking platforms , you will make many connections within the community. If you are a photographer, model or hair and makeup artist I encourage you to join local meet up groups to take your work to the next level. You will have tons of fun, make new friends and grow your business.

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself. "-Henry Ford

All photos Copyright of The Camera Crew LLC

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