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Dare To Go Rustic

Rustic Weddings

One of the hottest themes in the wedding industry is going Rustic. This theme is all about paying tribute to the great outdoors, heavy on natural and farm inspired elements and all about simplicity and earthy tones.

Imagine a beautifully laid out table setting at a picturesque barn. You're surrounded by nature and have broken the mold of a a traditional wedding. The rustic them is all about taking organic beauty and making it wedding chic. This theme reminds couples to break free from the typical wedding illusion, allowing them to be more creative.

Whether it's mason jars, vintage table numbers or printed napkins. Going rustic means embracing your DIY creativity. Not only is it cost effective, it also makes for more personal photo opportunities. Another benefit of this theme is using nature as free decoration. A great example of this is Spanish Moss draped trees. They look amazing in photos, especially paired with a great sunset.

So remember don't be afraid to embrace the rustic in you. Whether it's modern, chic, country, natural or just plain rustic, embrace the more relaxed and laid back version of yourself. We promise you won't regret it!

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