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Hottest Wedding Trends of 2018

What's hotter than hot right now in the wedding world? Would you guess eucalyptus?! Believe it or not this flowering tree, commonly used to combat coughs, colds and congestion also plays a vital role in modern weddings . Whether it's used in bridal bouquets, table decorations or even draped over Arches and Chuppahs, eucalyptus is quickly becoming a wedding must-have. Many couples chose to showcase eucalyptus for its modern elegance and budget friendly cost.

Let's get NAKED! Oh calm down over there...I meant let's showcase naked cakes! Now introducing, the perfect balance of sophistication and tradition.This trend is perfect for brides who love to stay ahead of the wedding trend curve. Gone are the days of over iced tiered cakes and fighting through thick fondant layers. When in doubt, go without - all those icing layers and buttercream flowers.

For quite some time, the go-to wedding flower style was beautiful, soft and lush flowers; however, moody and dark flowers are making a comeback. Brides are opting out of what is considered traditional wedding arrangements and going for detailed and textured flowers instead. Succulents and bold flower combinations are a great way to put a new spin on conventional wedding trends.

For what seems like forever, bride and grooms have waited anxiously to see one another as they prepare for the bride's long walk down the aisle. Nowadays couples choose to relieve their nerves by doing a 'first look'. This moment allows for unforgettable pictures and an intimate moment for a couple who has prepared and dreamed of their special day for months or years.

The most important aspect of your wedding day is to remember it's all about you and your soon to be husband. It's perfectly okay to stick with tradition but don't be afraid to embrace new trends or even create your own!

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