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5 helpful tips for your family photoshoot


1. Outfits

What you wear to your photoshoot matters ! It is important to match , but not necessarily wear the same color. Each shoot theme will be a little different for example for christmas , maybe have everyone wear reds and greens and for a spring family shoot have everyone wear neutrals or pastel colors. You should avoid clothing with logos as they become distracting in the photos. Have everyone wear colors that flatter their skin tone. When planning colors for outfits you can look up paint swatch colors and stay in the same color spectrum or a quick google search of colors that go well together may help. Make sure the clothing is fitted but not to tight , as different poses may have you bending and sitting


2. Hair & Makeup

Be sure to get your hair and makeup done by a professional . Looking good for your photoshoot is key, you want to look you very best for photos that you will be keeping forever, framing on your wall or showing friends and family. Take the time to have a professional do your hair and makeup .Having your hair and makeup look flawless really gives you the confidence to rock your photoshoot and creates an overall polished look . Plus, we all could use a little pampering now and then , a photoshoot is the perfect time to treat yourself.

3. A rested kiddo is a happy kiddo.

Make sure your family is well rested before the shoot. Cranky babies and toddlers are very unwilling to cooperate for photoshoots (who could blame them after all ) . Give the kids a snack and nap about an hour or so before your shoot so they will be full of fun loving energy and ready to have their pictures taken. If the kids get too cranky during the shoot , its ok to reschedule for another day, everyone has had an off day and its understandable that kids sometimes do too.

4. Pack a Bag

Be sure to bring these items to your photoshoot. A towel to dab yourself dry between shots. Lets face it, the Florida heat is smoldering during most of the year, so its best to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated and a towel to wick away any perspiration. Bring a change of shoes if you will be walking a bit or going through rough terrain. Its hard to walk in 4 inch stilettos , but of course they look fabulous in photos. So pack a bag with your towel, water bottle and change of shoes. You can even throw in your children's favorite toys and a few snacks in case they get hungry.

5. Inspiration

Be sure to create an inspiration board for your photoshoot , something you can create on pinterest to share with your photographer. I love when client's come to me with unique artistic ideas. Be sure to keep in mind what purpose you have for this photoshoot. Will these photos be sent as this years Christmas card or used as wall art in your living room? Be sure to brainstorm ideas you may have with your photographer. Photoshoots are meant to be fun and create memories to keep and share. Remember to have a good time , laugh and be yourself!

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