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Loveless Wedding

Evan and Destani said "I do" as the sunset at the gazebo in the USF Botanical gardens on March 10, 2017. Over the last year we got to know this couple closely as we worked with them for many photoshoots from their engagement shoot to the surprise bridal boudoir . They instantly became friends to us ,and we shared many laughs getting to know one another. These two are amazing together , and very clearly a perfect match. They were a photographer's dream to capture, as they are so in love with one another , they practically pose themselves in pinterest worthy shots. One of the thing I really enjoyed about working with them is that they always put a creative spin on their photos, bringing in personal touches . They used quotes from Star Wars in their Engagement photos, fortune cookies to symbolize their love of asian food and even festive socks for the groomsmen on their wedding day. The Loveless wedding was very special , they threw a wonderful party for their guests while keeping authentic to themselves. The newly weds entered the reception with the Death march song from star wars, had fun music and breakfast food on the menu which was so great! Destani and Evan showed that you can have an amazing wedding while still being yourselves . It isn't about what everyone else wants or what your guests want on your special day, it is for all to enjoy and it is in celebration for the couple. Sometimes I think the wedding planning can really drain the fun right out of things, but these two really had a great time putting together an amazing wedding. Jose and I were honored to be with you both on this day , documenting all the amazing little moments that you will forever cherish.

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