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Healing Unicorns

When you think of Unicorn photoshoots, the word magical easily comes to mind. But did you know these sessions also serve as a healing and therapeutic experience for families and children with special needs and conditions.

The Camera Crew Unicorn Photos - Tampa FL

Whether it's dressing up as a fairy princess or a knight in shining armor, these photo shoots allow children to imagine and create a whimsical fairy tale encounter. We strive to make the time with macaroni the 'unicorn' memorable and a moment for families to remember and reflect upon for years to come.

The Camera Crew Unicorn Photos - Tampa FL

Sometimes we meet families with children living with special needs and enduring challanging conditions. These sessions offer an escape from a reality that is sometimes difficult. Interacting with the unicorn and being surrounded by nature give both adults and children a much needed break from everyday life. All of our families have loved the experience and always leave smiling and laughing after spending time with Macaroni.

The Camera Crew Unicorn Photos - Tampa FL

Break free. Dare to dream. Let them be little.


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