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Being a photographer and business owner gets very busy and sometimes hectic , every now and then I peel myself away from my desk chair and take a break. Many people think photographers have loads of free time when they aren't out working photoshoots, but the reality is that for every one hour shooting photos, there is 3-4 hours post processing time(sometimes more). I am very meticulous about my edits and my husband even tells me sometimes I edit down to splitting pixels (lol) .I take great pride in my work and want it to be absolutely perfect. Many times people ask me "How do you do it all?" , and honestly its because how much i love what i do and who I am doing it for. Ive been known to skip meals, and stay up all night editing, because when you are your own boss, you are the MOST critical. Now that you have a little insight into my world, here is who keeps me motivated. My daughter Lily Bay , she just turned one this passed April and she is my inspiration. She reminds me everyday of who I am doing this for, I am working so hard now to grow our family business so one day she can look at me and say, my mom and dad did it! They created a business from the ground up and I want to be just like them!

So today, on our way back from a wedding venue tour ( for our client Janelis & Dylan) , I decided to take Lily to the beach. I happened to have my camera with me from testing the lighting of the venue.It was low tide, and all the sea creatures were hanging in the tide pools. Lily was so excited to collect sea shells and rocks, and we even found a wrist watch someone lost at sea. She giggled, and squealed with excitement as she splashed through puddles of sea water . Through her joy and excitement , I found myself relaxing and enjoying the overcast sky on the ocean horizon. Lily helps remind me to take in the little bits of happiness that are sometimes overlooked. She helps me ease my working mind and relax while enjoying the little things like sea gulls scattering along the shore. I am so grateful for these little moments with my daughter , and I am grateful that I have a business that provides the ability for me to work from home and spend time with her.

I just wanted to share a few thoughts and reflections with you all.

Enjoy the photos below of our day together, and remember to savor the little things in your life too.

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