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Naylah's Quince Portait Session

It is traditional in Latin culture to honor a daughter as she turns Fifteen years old. The custom goes , that a Quinceanera or fifteenth year is to be celebrated by friends and family and is often a religious ceremony followed by a reception. The ceremony commemorates the coming of age , and represents the young lady's journey from childhood to her adult life. The birthday girl is given a beautiful tiara to wear ( to symbolize that she is of course a princess ) and there is even a changing of shoes ceremony where the father changes his daughter's shoes from flats to high heels .

We had the great pleasure of taking Naylah's quince portraits , before her celebration . This was a wonderful way to spend one on one time getting exactly the kind of pictures she and her family wanted. Best wishes on your endeavors Naylah, we hope you pursue all your dreams and become a successful Photojournalist.

Feliz Quinceañera!

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