The most valuable items you own.

What I am going to share with you all is personal , but I hope to inspire you with my message and really help you understand why printing photographs is so important.

So we all do it , snap pictures on our phones, snap chat, Facebook etc. We share them with our friends and family , and then months or years down the line we are searching for that one picture of grandma holding the newest addition to the family. Where is the photo ? Is it on Facebook? Did i send it via snap chat and it is now forever gone? Did I take it with my phone and upgrade without backing up my pictures? And low and behold you literally can not find the picture anywhere and it is lost in digital cyberspace never to be found again.

Print your pictures and print keep them safe.

I recently lost a very close friend of mine and the loss was very unexpected and devastating. I saw her in a condition that I barely recognized as her . One of the first things I did is hunt down pictures of her , I wanted to remember her laughing and smiling as she often used to do. Those moments become your only memories when you loose someone . Photos are the only way you could ever see them again and re live those memories. Nothing else has the power to take you back in time quite like a photograph. Most people seem to understand the importance of pictures to commemorate milestones and to share with the living . But once someone has passed on from this life , your photos will be all that remains of them. How often have you heard the question, if your house were to burn down what would be the three things you would save? Majority of people say, photo albums. Not memory cards, usb or electronic devices, photo albums with printed pictures. To touch hold and feel a picture is to really evoke the emotion of the moment. We connect more strongly to printed media than digitized , this has been proven. People don't pass down digital copies as heirlooms, but they do pass on photo albums full of printed pictures. I myself have nearly twenty photo albums from my youth , I am forever grateful that my mom always took so many pictures. Print your pictures and savor them, don't just print the professional ones either , print the blurry one of your child eating out of the cat food dish with the family cat. Print the ones that make you laugh and smile and bring you happy memories. Print the ones through the tough ti