Why I love Equine Photography

Horses have been the love of my life for as long as i can remember . While other children played with barbies I had stables full of toy horses , the walls to my room were covered in horse magazine cut outs and i dreamed of the day i could have my very own horse. My dream became a reality when I was gifted a Welsh pony named CoCo for my 13th birthday, she quickly became my best very friend. From then on I practically lived at the barn.I have riden many different disciplines and trained young horses. I have competed in Saddleseat and Competitive Horse Judging, I am always growing my skills as a rider and horsewoman but prefer serene trail rides as a past time these days. Because of my deep love for horses and for the art of photography, equine photography is my favorite passion. To photograph a horse portrait , one must connect to the horse on a non verbal level and capture their