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Newborn photography is especially near and dear to my heart. On April 7th 2016 at 9:08, my entire world changed. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Lily Bay , she weight 10lbs 5oz and had mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger in an instant. As we delighted in awe , we were completely amazed that we could love anything in this world more than we loved one another, but here was this gorgeous , perfect baby looking at us with eyes that said "I love you so much mom and dad" . Lily has changed us in ways that I couldn't begin to put into words. She is the sunshine that illuminates our family. I remember during those few days in the hospital with her, seemed much like a blur, with the constant flow of nurses and doctors in and out and the lack of sleep , we were beyond exhausted. I recall a young woman coming into our room to ask us about doing newborn photography , having such a love for photography and really wanting to capture this precious time with my daughter, we agreed to arrange an in hospital photoshoot. It was simple , a couple outfits and minimal props but being able to capture my daughter within her first few hours of life was just amazing. What was shocking was the price tag of these photos, although we deeply cherished these couple photographs , it was astounding to us that they cost so much. We have no regrets about deciding to have newborn photos done, however Jose and I thought long and hard about what photography means to us and how we could find a way to help other families who maybe couldn't afford the high price most photographers charge, but they are still as deserving to have quality photos of their baby, and families. This is what brought us to begin our business as The Camera Crew, our compassion to offer families a way to capture those moments that you can't quite put into words , for a price that is accessable and fair. I have had the great pleasure of working with newborns , and I must tell you there is nothing more rewarding or precious. Newborn photography is deliberate and composed , it requires a great deal of patience and tenderness. Babies are so delicate in their first few weeks of life and very sensitive to the outside world, after all they are completely new to it! Of course it is strange to them, but there are many tricks of the trade to make newborns feel right at home during a photoshoot. My experience as a mother has taught me much about caring for newborns, and I look forward to capturing your little one's very first memories!

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