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Beach Weddings

Wedding Photography is beautiful and almost always equally as stress full this particular wedding was like........


All weddings are beautiful, special and heartwarming, but this wedding was deeply emotional. The couple was high school sweethearts who married, had children and divorced . They reunited , and the husband decided to take his ex-wife on a trip to Florida where he set up every part of their trip. He arranged a beautiful beach wedding to re marry the woman of his dreams. The intense happiness from this couple was something that just beamed from them. They had clearly struggled, their relationship had seen many problems, but somehow they were able to forgive one another and united again as husband and wife. Love isn't simple , it is intricate and complicated. Love doesn't only exist in the good times, it exists even more in the times where you struggle the most. Being able to be a part of such an amazing wedding , was truly heartwarming and made me value my marriage even more. These people were so very genuine , and happy in every sense of the word. Weddings aren't about the glitz and the glam , they are about the love that is being celebrated, the choice to unite as husband and wife for eternity. Weddings are about families merging and growing . Wedding photography is about capturing magic moments between bride and groom. The posed shots are a work of art, there is no denying that , but catching the newlyweds as the gaze into each other's eyes, as they smile during their first dance. those genuine real moments are what make wedding photography special to me.


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